How to Create the Ultimate E-Card for Friends and Family

Have you ever thought of surprising your family and friends who live far away with an e-card? But you felt it would not have a touch of love as you would wish? Relax! We got you covered..

Aleksey (Aleks) Weyman
5 min readAug 25, 2022


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The CircleIt generational platform allows you to chat privately with your friends and family and send them e-cards for free. With a bountiful amount of quality card designs and graphics, you can attach videos, voice recordings, and photos to personalize your e-card. You will never have to worry about running to the store at the last minute for a perfect card. With Circlelt, you make your own.

Creating an e-card is simple, and you will have as much fun making your e-cards and sending them to your loved ones from the comfort of your home. No graphic design skill or experience is required, just a little imagination and creativity. Below are the steps for creating an e-card for your friend’s and family’s special moments.

Steps for Creating your Ultimate E-Card

1. Open the Circlelt App

Launch the CircleIt app and open the Card Store, which is available on the home screen. After that, you can see the different greeting card options available to you.

2. Find the Appropriate Card

  • Birthday cards
  • Mother’s Day cards
  • Wedding cards

Remember, the design of the card will look this way to the recipient.

3. Experiment with Features

In Circlelt’s library, you will find the ability to add photos, images, videos, voice recordings, and written messages to make your card stand out. Be sure to experiment with different fonts to get the message across just how you want it.

4. Create a Personalized Message

Creating a message is the icing on the cake. Depending on the reason behind your e-card, sit down and create a powerful message. It’s the…



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