How To Make A Simple And Effective Website

If your business or brand doesn’t have a digital presence, then it doesn’t exist, which is an unfortunately large pill to swallow for many non-technical individuals.

As a result, they are bound to the often extreme prices of web developers. There are some solutions like Wordpress and Squarespace, but even these sites charge a hefty membership fee for a watered down version of their service that is riddled with their own branding. Plus, there is a learning curve to using these platforms. How much is your time truly worth?

Don’t get me wrong, I think both Wordpress and Squarespace are absolutely wonderful for what they do. Infact, my community blogging site is built entirely on the wordpress platform.

But there are cheaper and more effective ways to build a simple website (like this one!). Before I show you how I do it, allow me to share a few benefits of having your own website.

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My name is Aleksey (Aleks) Weyman. I’m a business owner and independent contractor with six years of hands-on experience in several industries.

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