IGTV (Instagram TV) or YouTube? Which is Better For Your Brand?

After years of dominating the online video content market, YouTube now faces a new threat from a formidable tech foe- Instagram..

With the release of IGTV (Instagram TV), users now have the ability to host their own personal video channel that is “always live”. The platform, which is accessible via a separate app from Instagram, allows users to browse through the channels of people they follow and begin watching their content immediately. If you want to go onto the next user channel, just swipe right or search for the channel of your choice.

Surprisingly, YouTube has taken a highly defensive stance against IGTV, supposedly paying it’s top content contributors 6 figure paychecks to get them to stay on their platform. Such an aggressive tactic to retain users means YouTube has something to be worried about. Let’s take a look at the differences between these competing platforms..

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