Flying (or the ability lack thereof)

Sigmund Freud, one of the fathers of modern psychology and founder of psychoanalysis believes flying dreams are to do with seeking sexual experiences. Others believe flying means a literal “flight” or soaring sensation in regards to a past or present experience in life. When I reached a serious milestone in my music career several months ago, I had several occasions where I dreamed I was jumping off a large cliff and catching myself mid-air, gaining the ability to fly freely. It’s an empowering sensation.


Nightmares are a very common type of dream. The intensity of a nightmare can greatly vary, but they all share a common theme- they make you feel anxious, scared, or hurt. It is common to have nightmares during times of high stress.

Being chased

Though not always negative, dreams of being chased are usually based on a feeling of avoiding something that is presumably chasing after you. This could be running away from a particular feeling you have inside yourself, from a situation in life, or perhaps from an actual person.


It is actually quite common to dream about being involved in a fight. What’s important to distinguish is the condition that brought on the fight.


This is another common dream that we all have at some point in our lives. Falling dreams typically signify a sense of lost control, or a shift in the balance of our lives.


Like any self reflective experience, the power from understanding dreams comes in what actions we take based on them. If you identify a cause for a particular dream, identify it in your waking life and take action to resolve it, or feed it- if it’s a positive situation.

My name is Aleksey (Aleks) Weyman. I’m a business owner and independent contractor with six years of hands-on experience in several industries.

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